A home is smart when it can help with the day-to-day of life by automating tech for security, convenience, comfort, and entertainment. When devices can “talk” to one another in your home, it creates a unique ecosystem that makes your life easier. Appliances and devices that can communicate on a home network include some appliances, lighting, heating, A/C, shutter, security system, sound systems, TVs, and so much more.

Wired Solution:

Providing a fully advanced Smart Home solution through home equipment to be connected to the main controller with proper network wiring in the walls and this should be coincide with the construction of the building.

We provide the latest technologies of KNX smart home systems, including Designing, supplying, installing and programming systems.



Wireless Solution:

Full wireless technology solution to control all devices such as lighting, air condition, curtains, shutters, etc. In addition, this will keeps you, informed of the main things happening at home so that Smart Home solution adapts to changing needs.

We provide the latest technologies of wireless smart home systems, including supplying, installing and programming systems.